Custom astrology writeups for every budget.

We're combining our love of astrology with our knack for writing to bring you Writeups! This new series of written astrological readings is highly customizable and eligible for Pen Pals, our subscription plan designed to save you money. Your Writeup will cover all the topics you would explore in a traditional reading for a lower price per minute.

Writeups come in eight lengths, from one single-spaced page to eight. (Please see above what an example page looks like.) Each page takes a minimum of fifteen minutes to write but costs half as much as a verbal reading of the same time commitment. Best of all, you get to download an aesthetically pleasing, high-quality PDF of your Writeup to keep forever.

Book your Writeup using this link. Then pay using any of our usual channels (all in our LinkTree) or purchase directly from our Shop tab or Etsy shop. Our site currently accepts payments via PayPal, Apple Pay, Stripe, Square, and Google Pay. Venmo payments sent to user @jenmooo is also sufficient as long as you refrain from making any reference to buying goods or services. If you'd prefer, we can arrange for a secure physical credit card payment in NYC using our chip reader.