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“ugh that was so so great. what a fabulous reading i loved it so very much!!! did not realize i had that much [sign] in my chart.”

“Omg thank you Jen! [crying emoji] [heart emoji] That reading was crazyyy accurate, I watched it twice bcuz I was so shocked. I learned so many new things abt myself, that’s crazy. Like being a [sign/sign] cusp. I didn’t even know that was a thing. Also I am a magnet for [sign] and [sign]. I have lots of [sign] friends and then for [sign] it’s always relationships that don’t end well. Thanks so [sic] so much again and I’ll definitely be back for another reading [heart emoji].

“okay so your video was SO FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!! thank you again so much dude this was incredible! i’m so excited to meet you (hopefully!) SOON!”

“So I just finished listening and omfg I loved it [simping emoji]. You were [sic] so accurate on so much cause I’m totally someone that people always come to for advice or people think I have my shit together (which for the most part I do, BUT it’s an organized mess) hahah I def would love to do a longer/part 2.”

“Hey Jen! I just finished watching my reading! It was awesome! I loved it. I never knew the difference between rising and moon but you really explained that well. Didn’t know I had the holy trinity of zodiac placements lol. I would love to book another reading! It would probably be around my birthday because I want to dwell on this one and see who I evolve into before another solar return comes. Thanks again and I look forward to supporting you in the future!”

“girl u READ ME [crying emoji] so much. just clicked and i was like yepyepyepyepyep [sparkle emoji]. and it’s crazy because i was JUST thinking today about how i’m creating all of these systems for work, mentally, to get all of this shit together, but it’s also hiking up all of this anxiety. like u mentioned that and i sat up in my bed like a dehydrated vampire. amazing. will def do a part 2 soon.”

“Hey!! I just listened to the reading, that was fantastic!! Thank you so much!! I learned a lot and it was mad interesting to hear about. You did a really good job of boiling everything down to a digestible level which I really appreciate. To be honest, I’ve always been a little skeptical about astrology, but I definitely resonated with the stuff you were saying so that skepticism is pretty shaken. I’m really glad I tried this out and would love to commission you for a 30 or 45 minute part 2!”

“I just got ur reading thank u SOOOOOO much !!!! i love how good you were at explaining everything, you made everything very easy + accessible to understand! love that we both have similar degree sun/moon [sign] placements! i definitely want [to] book another reading sometime and ill def just send a list of placements to make it easier.”