An astrological look at your latest binge watch.

Welcome to Virgo’s Groove, a podcast by Jen Curran Astro! This series dives deep into the astrology of pop culture with a special focus on entertainment media. Each month, we dissect a popular movie or TV series from an astrological standpoint, theorizing about characters’ birth charts and how they influence onscreen dynamics. We also take a look at actors’ real-life horoscopes to compare and contrast who they play versus who they really are.

In addition to the main analysis, each episode includes recurring segments about celebrity astrology, current events, and more. Rumor has it future episodes are set to feature surprise guests as well! You won’t want to miss an episode, so make sure to subscribe and turn on notifications wherever you get your podcasts. Click the button below or check out the podcast website here for streaming options. Make sure to follow our progress at @virgosgroovepod on Instagram as well!


Want to get involved in the podcast?

This podcast is going to be largely feedback-based and require audience participation. Whatever you want to hear on the show, we will try to include! You can let us know what you want to hear via a Google Form called “Virgo’s Groove Requests.”

Please take a minute to fill out this form! It helps us gauge what shows, movies, and celebs the audience wants covered so we can plan for next month’s episode and all those to follow. There are also spaces to nominate yourself and others to guest star. Submit as many responses as you’d like, whenever the mood strikes you. We can’t wait to build this show with you!