Subscription Sundaes

Have some sweetness with your stars.

Our Subscription Sundaes program allows you to purchase anywhere from three to eight readings, paid either upfront or in monthly installments, for 9.14% less.

We want to enjoy every last drop of the coming summer months. When you book your reading, you can request it by the name of your ice cream "order." For example, if you want to buy four 15-minute compatibility readings, you'll ask for mint chocolate chip in a cup with hot fudge.

You can also mix and match your sundae for a more dynamic bundle of readings! By combining scoops of different flavors, you get to delve into more than one topic. An example: someone looking for an hour of advice but only 30 minutes of transits would order cookie dough in a sundae dish and a Neapolitan sugar cone.

To join the Subscription Sundaes family, head to the Shop tab. Add the "Subscription Sundae" of your desired length to your cart and select the tip you wish to leave. Our site currently accepts payments via PayPal, Apple Pay, Stripe, Square, and Google Pay. Venmo payments sent to user @jenmooo is also sufficient as long as you refrain from making any reference to buying goods or services. If you'd prefer, we can arrange for a secure physical credit card payment in NYC using our chip reader.

Just as you would with a standard reading, be sure to fill out all necessary fields of our intake form. Simply select the "Subscription" option from the different reading lengths and proceed like normal!

Pen Pals

For those who like things in writing.

Pen Pals is identical to our Subscription Sundaes program except for one thing: the format. This service allows you to book repeated and discounted Writeups rather than verbal traditional readings.

Writeups address all the topics covered in regular readings, but the most popular choice is the birth chart description. Many customers find it helpful to have a detailed explanation of their natal chart typed out so they can go back and reference it.

Another crowd favorite is upcoming transits. These are helpful to have written out as a sort of forecast for the coming days, weeks, months, and even years.

You can read more about Writeups on the tab by the same name or by clicking here.