Supporting a small business comes with perks.

Running a company by yourself is taxing, both energetically and financially. Doing so fresh out of college while working multiple minimum-wage jobs is another thing entirely.

We'll be upfront: Jen Curran Astro needs all the help we can get to maintain basic operating costs. Necessities like owning a domain, publishing a website, and storing readings in Dropbox really add up. To offset some of those costs, we've created six membership tiers, outlined below and on our Pateron page.

The process is simple. You choose a tier at a low price point, and in return, you receive exclusive personalized astrology Q&As!

Our Mars tier is the lowest-priced option at only $5 a month. Martians get a monthly 5-minute, one-on-one Q&A with Jen Curran Astro. That's 20% less per minute than a traditional verbal reading.

The next level up is the Venus tier. Our Venusians pay $10 a month in exchange for a 10-minute Q&A. Again, that's only a dollar per minute, as opposed to the $1.20 we charge for a 15-minute reading.

The rest of the tiers follow the same pattern. Mercurials pay $15 for 15 minutes, Ascendants pay $20 for 20, etc. Please see below for a complete listing of membership tiers and the money each saves. Thank you so much for your generosity!